Education is one of the last sectors to be remade by technology. That is changing.

We invest in people, ideas and companies that rethink the way we learn and teach.

We work hard to find entrepreneurs creating new ways of teaching, of supporting students, of providing access and meaning to crucial data. We target companies grounded in rigorous pedagogy with strong business models, and proven product-market fit to ensure that they can scale.

We have an extensive network of experts who not only help us identify new areas, but also allow us to support our companies and the larger educational ecosystem.

We play a crucial leadership role, partnering with CEOs, thought leaders, superintendents and academia. We speak at conferences and convene an annual summit to ensure that the field moves forward together and the best ideas rise to the top.

Investment Portfolio

We know the education space is hard to navigate and far too many good ideas die for lack of that initial funding. We want to help. We partnered with SNHU to create an early stage strategy that helps get the best ideas off the ground. As with our growth stage ventures we are looking for companies grounded in rigorous pedagogy that have the opportunity to scale. We are looking for problem solvers, out of the box thinkers, ones willing to rethink the world.