A new brain health app from Neurotrack warns users of memory decline

Its simple browser-based app screens users for signs of cognitive decline based on their eye movement as they watch a few images presented on their screens. These tests used to take about 30 minutes, and were available only at the doctor’s office using hugely expensive equipment.

Neurotrack has been able to shrink their scans down to a 5-minute, home-based process thanks to technological advances around eye tracking technology, data analytics, machine learning and computer vision, according to the company’s CEO and cofounder Elli Kaplan.

Prior to forming Neurotrack in 2012 with her cofounders, neuroscientists Stuart Zola, Elizabeth Buffalo and Cecelia Manzanares, Kaplan worked in the White House and at the United Nations on global development and health programs.

The CEO said another thing that has helped Neurotrack develop its new app was the spread of high quality web cameras into internet-enabled devices from laptops to tablets.

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