Bring the elite university experience to the student; not the other way around

2U provides bundled technology platforms and technology-enabled services that empower leading colleges and universities to deliver high quality online degree programs and courses, extending their reach and distinguishing their brands. Its proprietary, cloud-based technology stack enables a full range of university functions, including providing a full-service virtual campus that acts as the hub for all student and faculty academic and social interaction. 2U also provides a suite of technology-enabled services that support the complete lifecycle of a higher education program or course, from attracting students to assisting academic performance to maintaining alumni relationships.

Enabling teachers and education professionals to create smart, flexible master schedules

Abl is the first Dynamic School Scheduling platform that makes it easy to design and manage the daily life of a school. Abl is building a new kind of school operations software that helps school leaders better manage their time and resources. Their mission is to transform education by helping schools create flexible, transparent, and collaborative learning environments.

Designs and deploys environmental sensor networks that help people live aware

Aclima’s Environmental Intelligence™ (Ei) platform combines leading-edge sensor technology, cloud computing, and machine learning to make sense of the invisible world around us. This provides transformative opportunities to understand and improve buildings, cities, and industry, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Partnering with K-12 districts & schools to reduce truancy

AllHere partners with K-12 districts and schools to reduce truancy through the implementation of effective interventions – starting with home visits.

Helping Education leaders allocate resources

Allovue was founded by educators, for educators. The Company combines the power of financial technology with education data, giving administrators the power to connect spending to student achievement.

Making prisons safer, cheaper, and more effective

American Prison Data Systems provides secure technology to US Corrections facilities in order to improve prison safety, deliver significant cost savings, reduce recidivism, and build inmate-family relationships.

Democratizing the right to succeed

Bridge International Academies is building a chain of private schools that deliver primary education to the world’s poorest, most academically under-served populations for just $5 a month. Bridge uses a highly sophisticated, data-driven Academy-in-a-Box™ model to scale its reach with increasing efficiency. From preliminary market research on real estate acquisition and construction, to the recruitment and training of local staff and communities, to the creation, distribution, and analysis of curriculum and pedagogy, to payment management and site monitoring, the Company operates a vertically-oriented deployment of its academies and maintains central ownership of the entire process. Starting with Kenya and working through new African markets, Bridge teaches over 100,000 students and employs over 5,000 academy staff, all while ensuring outcomes far superior to the local public schooling options.

Humanizing analytics to augment student achievement

BrightBytes gathers ideas from the best experts in the world and creates evidence-based frameworks that are combined with world-class research and analysis from a specific school, district, or geographic region, giving customers the tools to understand and quickly improve student learning outcomes. BrightBytes’ solutions are specifically designed to address the unique needs of educational leaders globally. The Company’s platform, Clarity for Schools, sits underneath proprietary modules that are typically created with third-party content and input. The first module, CASE, measures the impact of technology use on student learning outcomes by identifying strengths and gaps, writing detailed planning documents, and delivering the tools needed to take action.

Developing labor market data technologies for matching people with jobs

Burning Glass enables real-time enhanced decision making for recruiting, staffing, academic planning, and workforce planning agencies by examining career patterns, skills, relevant experiences and supply-demand dynamics across millions of jobs. Today, there is an information gap in the labor markets – there is no common language. Companies and job seekers describe roles differently, even for fundamentally similar jobs – making relevant comparisons is difficult. Burning Glass’s solution is a proprietary technology that scans, tags, and translates millions of job postings and resumes, then creates a common language to better match desired skills with employees in the labor market and develop a cohesive picture of the markets’ needs.

Providing high quality online training and credentialing for home care assistants and family members that care for older people in the home

Care Academy provides high quality online training and credentialing for home care assistants and family members that care for older people in the home.

Use your professional skills to make a difference

Catchafire is a community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient and effective ways to give back. One way we do this is by matching professionals with nonprofits based on their skills, cause interest and time availability.

The world's platform for change believes that no one is powerless and making change can be a part of everyday life. It is an open platform with room for a wide range of perspectives so people everywhere can take action on the issues they care about.

Every campaign seen on the platform is started by the users. People and organizations around the world use to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions.

When digital footprints inform, inspire, and guide the learning journey of millions of college students, success is the only destination

Civitas Learning is a digital-education platform that uses predictive analytics to help guide educational decision making. Civitas works with partner institutions – and also, more specifically, with the data those partner institutions have gathered about their students – to identify trends about the classes students enroll in, the majors they take on, and other factors that can determine career courses and overall success in their post-collegiate lives. The Company is creating a learning community to bring predictive analytics to Higher Education by leveraging cross-institutional historical data. Civitas delivers actionable insights to drive smarter decisions that help institutions and faculty more effectively deploy scarce resources and students more successfully navigate their complex path to graduation.

Virtual assistant for independent educations and tutors

Clark is a virtual assistant for independent educators and tutors.

The #1 online and mobile fundraising platform

Classy is a technology company that helps organizations mobilize their community to solve social problems more effectively and efficiently. Since launching in 2011, Classy has helped more than 2,500 social enterprises including Oxfam, The World Food Programme and National Geographic to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Classy also hosts the Collaborative and Classy Awards to recognize excellence in social innovation.

Refining real-world skills through short online courses for those in the creative and digital industry

Crehana is a project-based learning community where Spanish-speaking freelancers in creative, design, and digital industries refine real-world skills through short online courses designed by global industry experts.

Finding your ideal coding bootcamp shouldn’t feel like basic training

Course Report is an online guide for the search and discovery of web development boot camps. The site provides a host of data points and student reviews to help a prospective coder find the best school for their needs and desired outcomes. Course Report is also a leading research consultant on the growing trends across the coding educational landscape.

Customizing the world's best Professional Development

Degreed‘s learning solution aggregates the best content available, maps learning to the evolving needs of the employee and company, and measures all forms of formal and informal training. Degreed offers corporations a platform for the hosting, distribution, tracking, and payment of formal and informal learning activities toward professional development. As a web-based aggregator of high quality and versatile content, Degreed gives users an online, updateable repository for tracking all of their learning, and a hub for large corporations to glean insight into the consumption patterns and purchasing behavior of their training employees.

Invest like a woman

Ellevest is an investing and planning platform that redefines personal finance and investing for women with a practical, goals-based approach. Ellevest gives women the tools they need to take financial control: A straightforward, full-picture investment plan that reflects real life.

Connect the right learning resources to the right students at the right time

Engrade (now under McGraw-Hill Education) is a web-based suite of learning and student management applications (commonly referred to as a Learning Management System, or LMS) that facilitates the daily academic experience of millions of students across the world. Engrade connects school administrators, teachers, students, and parents through online classroom tools that fall into four general categories: content, gradebook, communication, and classroom management

Teaching the critical skills that life and work demand

EverFi is the leading education technology platform to teach, assess, and certify students in critical social wellness and life skills. EverFi is building an entirely new framework to finance and deliver content, technology, and innovation into schools. The Company boasts an integrated network of thousands of schools across the country that incorporate its learning platform into their curriculum each year. In the K-12 sector, the Company teams with major corporations and foundations to provide the programs at no cost to the school, and is adding over 200 new schools and colleges per month onto the platform. Within Higher Ed, the Company works with schools and associated groups to implement programs built around EverFi’s social wellness education, with the leading platform at present being AlcoholEDU.

Gives you the skills and experience needed to launch a successful career

MissionU is a one-year program that gives students the skills and experience needed to launch a successful career.  Unlike traditional college or online schools, MissionU is a modern take on higher education that delivers a uniquely immersive, collaborative, and efficient learning experience.

Blended Learning Solutions

Education Elements partners with districts to design and implement personalized learning through its consulting services and Highlight, its personalized learning platform. Its consulting services focus on helping districts to articulate their vision, build their capacity, design and implement new instructional models and, most importantly, impact student outcomes. Highlight provides single-sign on to digital content, account provisioning, and actionable data for teachers and leaders. Ed Elements support 4 Race to the Top winners, 25% of the League of Innovative Schools and pioneering districts across the country. Education Elements is led by founder Anthony Kim, author of the Personalized Learning Playbook.

Help English language learners realize their highest aspirations

Ellevation is a software company exclusively dedicated to serving English Language Learners (“ELLs”) and the educators and administrators that work with them. The Company seeks to become the leading platform that school districts use to manage ESL programs, support ESL educators, and close the achievement gap for ELLs, the fastest-growing (and generally regarded as most deeply underserved) group of students in the US K-12 school system. The current platform, ESL Reps, is an administrative and data management software tool that helps ELL coordinators and teachers capture an array of data specifically related to English Language Learners. Along with housing a range of student information, ESL Reps enables the convenient generation of reports that enhance communication among ELL and classroom teachers, automatically captures information in the format that satisfies state and federal officials, and more.

Engaging students with educational hip-hop

Flocabulary is a web-based learning program for all grades and subjects that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement. Teachers in more than 50,000 schools have used Flocabulary’s standards-based videos, instructional activities and formative assessments to develop core literacy skills and supplement instruction across the curriculum.

Where thinkers become creators in the new economy

General Assembly seeks to deliver best-in-class, practical education in technology, business, and design, and functions similar to an a-la-carte, business school 2.0. with an intense focus on skills that are driving today’s mobile, app-based economy. Through its stable of course offerings, General Assembly provides access to opportunities that both train and enhance a prospective employee’s skills and confidence, as well as enhancing an individual’s freedom to explore differentiated career paths. The Company is building a global network of entrepreneurs, practitioners, and participants invested in each others’ success.

Make learning visible

Hapara is an education management platform layered on top of Google Apps. Its tools address critical regulatory and performance mandates confronting schools and districts world-wide. Google Apps for Education is used by millions of students and teachers across the globe, but it lacks much of the data tracking and teacher-facing dashboard functionality of the high-priced learning management systems. Hapara transforms Google Apps, which will increasingly penetrate the education space as Google’s Chromebooks continue their vast pace of adoption in the classroom, into a powerful learning and analytics environment, while simultaneously reclaiming teaching time and cutting software costs.

Tackling the complex challenges and opportunities facing higher education

Formerly known as Ace Learning Co., Intellus Learning is Instructional Design – EVOLVED. The Intellus Learning platform is powerful indexing and analytics software that helps to identify the right content to enable personalized, affordable learning.

Innovators of lifelong medical learning

Knowledge 2 Practice deploys advanced learning techniques using digital technology to help clinical leaders design and deliver a personalized curriculum that measurably improves clinical judgment, critical thinking, and improves patient outcomes. The company is transforming how expertise is shared and learned among physicians around the world.

Because learning changes everything.

McGraw-Hill Education is a learning science company and one of the “big three” educational publishers, along with Pearson and Houghton Mifflin, that provides customized educational content, software, and services for pre-K through postgraduate education. The company also provides reference and trade publications for the medical, business, and engineering professions.

Preparing students for entry-level jobs in sales through virtual training

SV Academy is a 12 week virtual training program designed in collaboration with employers, that prepares students for entry-level jobs in sales.

Striving to improve cognitive health

Neurotrack has developed a breakthrough technology that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease (or cognitive decline, more broadly) three to six years before symptoms appear. This proprietary, clinically validated, online computer test has the potential to not only change the course of Alzheimer’s – now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (NIH) – but represents the scalable future of diagnostic technology. Neurotrack has built their diagnostic tool based on the human preference for novelty. By using their five-minute web-based test, Neurotrack is able to identify Alzheimer’s patients years earlier than current diagnostic methods. Through Neurotrack’s NIH-backed study on cognitive behavior, they found compelling results that were instrumental to their continued product development roadmap. The company is partnering with universities, pharmaceutical companies, and Contract Research Organizations to better qualify candidates for clinical trials. Neurotrack’s digital therapy program can dramatically reduce someone’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s and is, therefore, already beginning to solve a significant problem.

Why buy new hardware when you can modernize your software?

Neverware uses a technique known as desktop virtualization to support K-12 schools while acting as a third-party IT department. The Company’s first product, “PCReady,” allows schools to run existing hardware through a centralized server on-site, rendering old machines running like new. The Company’s second product, “CloudReady,” is an operating system built on Google’s open source OS Chromium. CloudReady can be installed on older PCs in order to make them perform like a Chromebook. CloudReady machines can even be managed under the Google Admin console, which is a true line of demarcation from just installing Chrome.

Builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data

NoRedInk is a web-based learning platform that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills. The platform uses each person’s favorite celebrities, personal interests, and Facebook friends to generate grammar questions, and teachers can give quizzes, assignments and practice exercises to help students work through misconceptions. The system adapts to each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, and the portal displays color-coded heat maps to help students and teachers track progress.

Show what you know

Pathbrite delivers next-generation solutions that help students, schools, and businesses collect, track, and showcase achievement through e-portfolios, and recommend pathways for continuous success. They do this by documenting, analyzing, and mapping individual achievements against individuals’ and institutions’ goals, and those of their peers, through what is known as Knowledge Graph. Students use Pathbrite People Portfolios and their performance relative to a wider Knowledge Graph to differentiate themselves to get into their preferred schools or land their preferred jobs. School admissions officers and employers use the Pathbrite Portfolio Platform to get a holistic view of candidates.

The world's largest tech and creative training library

Through a subscription model, Pluralsight provides direct online training for corporations, schools, and business professionals using long-form courses focused on such skills as software development, IT administration, and web security.

Moves people to remake the world

Purpose is a strategy consultancy, a creative agency and a social movement incubator. Driven by people, enabled by technology: Purpose builds movements and new power models to tackle the world’s biggest problems. It creates and launches its own ventures, collaborates with the world’s leading organizations and develops technology, tools and content that move millions to remake the world. Purpose is a Public Benefit Corporation.

The first choice for inclusive education.

Rethink offers teaching tools to teachers, parents, and administrators handling children on the autism spectrum. For a monthly fee, Rethink gives access to assessment tools, web-based teaching tutorials, hundreds of video images of teaching interactions, and teaching objectives, to allow a user to provide prescribed therapies to his or her child immediately. Rethink’s support program and data-tracking system guides the user as the child progresses through the program. Rethink’s curriculum is based on the educational intervention of applied behavior analysis.

The world’s first clinical, evidence-based, all-mobile digital assessment of cognitive and emotional function

Savonix the world’s first clinical, evidence-based, all-mobile digital assessment of cognitive and emotional function.

Growing creative kids

Seedling believes in the limitless potential of children’s imaginations. The company was born from a desire to create products that help families imagine, create and play together.

Founded in New Zealand in 2007, Seedling began with an initial launch of activity kits that sparked hours of imaginative play. The whimsical, nostalgic Pocket Money collection followed in 2012 and took the international toy world by storm, establishing Seedling as the go-to brand for stylish, quality children’s products.

With toys, gifts, activity kits and party supplies sold in over 20 countries through all consumer channels, Seedling continues to expand globally. 2014 marked the launch of US operations and a merger with family-oriented startup P.S. XO, which brought Seedling founder and CEO Phoebe Hayman together with partners Kara Nortman and Soleil Moon Frye.

Bringing transparency, speed & control to district and school purchasing

Noodle Markets is K-12’s first digital procurement platform and national marketplace. The company has brought together savvy education leaders to build a marketplace that revolutionizes K-12 purchasing. Noodle Markets provides increased transparency for educators, a level playing field for vendors, efficient procurement processes, and greater innovation in K-12. All in support of improved outcomes for our students.

Investing in high-achieving, low-income students

Sixup focuses on high-achieving, low-income students who gain admission to great four-year colleges, but can’t afford to go. The company partners with nonprofit and government organizations, and leverages investors and foundations to deliver a comprehensive funding

Rapidly assess skills, for a rapidly changing professional landscape

Smarterer (now owned by Pluralsight) is a platform designed to score individuals on digital, social, and technical skills. The Company uses crowdsourced test design and a scoring mechanism similar to the one developed to rank chess masters to provide a valid score in just 10 questions and 60 seconds. With tests on subjects ranging from Python and Ruby on Rails, to Microsoft Excel and Twitter, to Basic Math and English Language, Smarterer is positioning itself to be the leading platform for the validation of skills and knowledge in the digital world. Users can benchmark their skills, track what they have learned, and discover where they have room to improve.

Make a beeline toward your college degree

StraighterLine offers affordable, self-paced introductory-level college courses through a web-based delivery platform, allowing its students to shape their education around their schedule. Students pay $99 per month for access to StraighterLine’s platform, and then pay $39 per individual course. The Company offers nearly 40 online courses in the fields of Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, and Business. If passed, these courses can be automatically transferred for full credit if a student enrolls in one of StraighterLine’s many partner colleges and universities.

A Continuing Education Program Manager (CEPM) for the world’s leading universities

Trilogy Education Services creates and manages market-driven, skills-based training programs for the world’s leading universities. Powered by big dreams and small egos, Trilogy is re-imagining how skills-based learning can change the face of education. Trilogy works with experienced instructors, innovative employers, and top universities to create coding boot camps that prepare highly-motivated students for high-growth careers. The Company has successfully graduated hundreds of students to-date.

Flexibility is the future of feminism. Flexible jobs. Ambitious careers.

Werk is a job board for experienced job seekers that offers jobs with pre-negotiated types of flexibility.

Bringing coding to your students through the most engaging curriculum & learning environment

Vidcode is an award-winning software that teaches students computer programming through their favorite hobby: video-making.  Project-oriented lessons allow students to create memes, video filters, interactive games, virtual reality and beyond with real programming languages.

Learn a language in your own context

Through a mobile and web-based educational program, Voxy is teaching language learners to engross themselves within content and multimedia relevant to their lives and goals in order to create an experience that leverages technology to closely replicate full cultural immersion. Using dynamic content, personalized lesson plans tied to individual goals, task-based activities, and timely skill assessments, the Voxy platform shepherds its learners through an engaging series of curricula to help fine-tune their language skills at a pace and in a location that is comfortable for them.