We partner with companies to help rethink the world.

We know the challenges.

Rethink Capital Partners is an umbrella platform that oversees and facilitates the development of a suite of impact investment vehicles, which focus on financial and social returns including gender equity, education, health, environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and community development.

Business marketplace for imperfect & surplus produce
Builds enduring and trusted relationships between banks and their customers.
Providing high-quality online training and credentialing for in-home caregivers
Offers easy, low cost retirement savings plans for businesses and individuals.
Serialized fiction you can listen to or read. Delivered to your device in bite-sized chunks.
Now students don't have to choose between a liberal arts degree and tech skills.
Marketplace of live online classes for 50+ ( seniors ) taught by retired educators.
Academic Sharing Platform for Higher Ed students to take classes across institutions
A talent solutions technology company creating data science competitions, assessments and training
Vivvi provides employer sponsored child care for companies of all sizes
Enables foster children to get placed in safe homes faster
The Degree Progression Platform for Student Centric Colleges
Learning to Read, Reinvented with AI
Crush your debt. Fuel your future.
Online Forms, Medical and School Trip Management