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Venture Beats names RTE portfolio company on list of 10 startups outside Silicon Valley to watch in 2018

Venture Beat - January 2, 2018

Lessonly (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Enterprise software company that’s gaining traction outside of the Valley is Lessonly. Though its most recent raise — an $8 million series B in November — is modest, its journey has been notable for a couple of reasons.

One, it has raised later-stage money in a town where that has not been an easy task. According to Crunchbase News, Lessonly’s recent round is the first series B raised in Indianapolis since 2016. Second, the company is growing at a healthy rate, having doubled its revenue from 2016 to 2017……

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We know the challenges. A bifurcated society where a college degree feels like a pre-requisite for the dream and yet attaining one no longer guarantees a path to success. A business climate where women start 50 percent of all new business and only receive 3 percent of the funding.  A world growing increasingly hotter and uncertain.

We also know that solutions exist. We strive to rethink our role as investors, as partners, as citizens. Solutions exists. We invest in great ones, in novel ones, in the ones that rethink the status quo. We help them scale to address the problems of our time. One link that can change a system, a few solutions that can drive many.

“Rethink Education and Rethink Impact named 2016 Best for the World Funds.”

“Most universities take a conservative approach with their endowment funds. Not so for Southern New Hempshire University, which has partnered with Rethink Education, to support early-stage edtech startups."

“Meet the social impact firm that wants to change the world”