Rethink Community

It is time to build communities
not buildings.

Our mission is to help stabilize neighborhoods and strengthen communities.

Rethink Community is an impact investment strategy working with local partners to create the critically needed workforce housing and services for families in underserved communities.

Our capital is invested, and our projects are designed with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside attractive financial returns.

Current Environment


The National Low Income Housing Coalition found that a renter working 40 hours a week and earning minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment (i.e., not be cost-burdened) in exactly zero counties nationwide. In other words, it’s not possible.1


50 million Americans live in economically distressed communities, according to research by Economic Innovation Group.2


According to McKinsey Global Institute, 60% of job growth by 2030 could be concentrated in 25 cities and their peripheries with just 44 percent of the overall population, while wide swaths of the country will see little employment growth or even lose jobs.3

Opportunity Thesis

Now is the time to capitalize

Rethink Community believes now is the time to capitalize on this country's critical need for investment in our urban communities, especially in communities where infrastructure and social imbalances are destabilizing an otherwise robust regional economy.

Unique opportunities to invest

The complexities surrounding these imbalances are typically misunderstood and consequently often mispriced, creating unique opportunities for Rethink Community to invest.

Team with a history of impact

Rethink Community has a seasoned team with a history of impact investing and demonstrated skill in site selection, and who will also work closely with local community leaders in a collaborative and transparent manner.

Master-planned investment model

Rethink Community's investment model is focused on building neighborhoods that unite essential parts of livelihood such as Affordable Housing, Education and Healthcare allowing our model to differentiate from the current investor marketplace. Our approach creates value for communities and allows for neighborhood cohesion and gentrification, which is typically not the mission for one-off fragmented opportunities.

Impact Framework

Rethink Community looks at three key areas of impact across the portfolio: Economic, Social and Environmental to understand, evaluate and monitor the impact of its investments.

Our investment thesis is focused on four sectors – housing, healthcare, workforce housing and education that align with our major impact potential, team expertise and track record.

Rethink Community


  • # of workforce housing units delivered
  • % of project housing units between 60% and 130% AMI


  • # of jobs created withing the region
  • # of jobs created withing the community


  • # of community residents served
  • % of community residents with access to healthcare


  • # of students
  • # of scholarship dollars received
Rethinking Nashville, Tennessee

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