Demand for Healthier and
More Sustainable Food

For all People.


We launched Rethink Food to make investments that help support the production, availability and demand for healthier and more sustainable food for all people. A category we call “Food Tech”.

We back our founders with a combination of capital, industry experience and knowledge through a model we call JetPack.


We seek to invest in food business contributing to improved health and environment outcomes

Improving health outcomes:

Lower sugar, preferring natural over artificial sweeteners, no food dyes, fewer pesticides and antibiotics, limited preservatives.

Minimizing enviromnental:

Reducing agricultural pollution, lower reliance on fossil foods, more efficient resource use and reduction in single-use plastic packaging.

Providing social benefits:

Contributing to more resilient food systems, creating access to more nutritious foods for more people, rebuilding supply chains and providing market access in rural communities.

farming practices
& tehcnologies

technology to
reduce food waste




the opportunity

It has never been a more challenging time to be in “Big Food”, and never a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur driving, accelerating and profiting from the massive disruption taking place in the food industry.


JetPack will be designed to give our portfolio companies a significant and unique advantage that consists of three key elements.

1. The JetPackers

We have assembled and continue to curate a high profile group of leaders who are aligned through shared economic interest from the fields of marketing, science, innovation and operations. Our JetPackers will be uniquely positioned to provide ongoing strategic and operational support to the fund and portfolio companies.

2. The JetPack Launch Pad

Our JetPackers will host a series of inspiring, informational and networking events, featuring leaders from successful start-ups, major retail & grocery chains, NGOs and experts in food science, media and technology. This will be exclusively for the management teams of our portfolio companies.

3. JetPack Control Panel

We will create a virtual ecosystem exclusively for portfolio companies. Control Panel will be an innovation and operations search engine that connects the management teams of all our portfolio companies. Founders will be able to search among their peers to find subject matter experts in various important topics. They can connect immediately via video chat, email or text for fast advice from people who have been there and done that.

Diligence & Partnership process