Jess Krieger Rethink Food


Rethink is an umbrella platform that oversees and facilitates the development of a suite of impact investment vehicles that focus on financial and social returns that include gender equity, education, health, environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and community development.
Jess Krieger Rethink Food

Jess Krieger, PhD

JetPack Strategic Advisor, Science

Dr. Jess Krieger is the CEO and co-founder of Ohayo Valley, a cultivated steak company. She is one of the cultivated meat industries earliest pioneers and visionaries, and was the first scientist in the world to build a career exclusively in cultivated meat science in 2010. The main focus of her scientific and entrepreneurial pursuits is the intersection of sustainable food systems and climate science. She is an expert in biotechnology and the alternative protein industry, with deep experience in cell biology, cell line and bioprocess development, tissue engineering, food science, and cultivated meat science. She is a graduate of the New Harvest fellowship program, the world’s first organization to fund cultivated meat research in academia. In 2019, she co-founded Artemys Foods as Chief Science Officer and developed the Artemys Burger, a cultivated beef burger. In 2020, Dr. Krieger co-founded Ohayo Valley to develop the world’s first cultivated wagyu ribeye. She is also the founder of the Women of Cellular Agriculture organization (WOCA), which supports women in STEM pursuing careers in cellular agriculture and cultivated meat. She has undergraduate degrees in neuroscience and a PhD in biomedical sciences.”