Bringing behavior-based, dynamic pricing to healthcare.

Sempre Health is bringing behavior-based, dynamic pricing to healthcare.  Sempre allows patients to share in cost savings by reducing their out-of-pocket costs whenever a patient takes healthy actions, like filling their prescriptions on time.

Radically changing medicine

Evidation Health is a technology and services company that helps individuals and the world’s most innovative healthcare companies understand and influence the everyday behaviors that create better health outcomes.

Evidation believes that everyday behavior data is the most explosive force in medicine—because under rigorous study, it is proving to be a new and exceptionally powerful lens on health. These novel discoveries—emanating from data generated and controlled by individuals—can be turned into tools that empower them in their own health. By scaling access to these radical new tools, the company can enable an unprecedented level of influence over delivery. And finally, Edivation believes that they can help individuals own the future of healthcare by putting them first.

Take the guesswork out of mental health

Spring‘s mission is to use leading technology to help people feel better—faster. Spring began in the psychiatry department at Yale University. The company’s proprietary technology was developed by Yale data scientists and psychiatrists. Its research has been published in leading medical journals and recognized by the American Psychiatric Association and National Quality Forum.

Inspiration and insight for modern parents

Winnie‘s mission is to create and organize the information parents need and make it accessible through products, technology & community. Whether you want to ask other parents for advice, find new things to do with your kids, or just get to the nearest changing table in a hurry, we can help.

Smart water data
KETOS delivers an integrated, cloud-based, unmanned solution for actionable water intelligence. Where affordable, real-time analytics through unique patented hardware, secure connectivity and a robust software fabric allow you to control and optimize one of the most precious resources in the world – water.

Analytics platform for IVF success and affordability

Univfy recognizes the challenges faced by women and men trying to conceive. It is difficult to choose IVF treatment without knowing your IVF success rate, how many treatments it will take, and what is the ultimate IVF cost to have a baby.

The Univfy team helps you to dramatically increase your IVF success rate by having several IVF tries while keeping the IVF costs low. We do that by helping more women qualify for IVF refund programs, which assure that you will conceive or get a refund. We also help your fertility doctor provide the Univfy PreIVF Report* to give you an accurate, personalized IVF treatment success prediction that is based on your own health data and scientifically validated for your doctor’s IVF outcomes data.


Pay-as-you-go tech for off-grid energy

Angaza is a B2B software business that enables “pay-as-you-go” financing solutions to emerging market consumers and customer relationship management tools and insights to distributors of off-grid solar products, increasing the capacity of those businesses to
serve the 1 billion+ people in the world living without reliable access to electricity.

Striving to improve cognitive health

Neurotrack has developed a breakthrough technology that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease (or cognitive decline, more broadly) three to six years before symptoms appear. This proprietary, clinically validated, online computer test has the potential to not only change the course of Alzheimer’s – now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (NIH) – but represents the scalable future of diagnostic technology. Neurotrack has built their diagnostic tool based on the human preference for novelty. By using their five-minute web-based test, Neurotrack is able to identify Alzheimer’s patients years earlier than current diagnostic methods. Through Neurotrack’s NIH-backed study on cognitive behavior, they found compelling results that were instrumental to their continued product development roadmap. The company is partnering with universities, pharmaceutical companies, and Contract Research Organizations to better qualify candidates for clinical trials. Neurotrack’s digital therapy program can dramatically reduce someone’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s and is, therefore, already beginning to solve a significant problem.

Designs and deploys environmental sensor networks that help people live aware

Aclima’s Environmental Intelligence™ (Ei) platform combines leading-edge sensor technology, cloud computing, and machine learning to make sense of the invisible world around us. This provides transformative opportunities to understand and improve buildings, cities, and industry, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

The world's platform for change believes that no one is powerless and making change can be a part of everyday life. It is an open platform with room for a wide range of perspectives so people everywhere can take action on the issues they care about.

Every campaign seen on the platform is started by the users. People and organizations around the world use to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions.

Teaching the critical skills that life and work demand

EverFi is the leading education technology platform for teaching, assessing, and certifying students in critical social wellness and life skills. EverFi is building an entirely new framework to finance and deliver content, technology, and innovation into schools. The Company boasts an integrated network of thousands of schools across the country that incorporate its learning platform into their curriculum each year. In the K-12 sector, the Company teams with major corporations and foundations to provide the programs at no cost to the school, and is adding over 200 new schools and colleges per month onto the platform. Within higher education, the Company works with schools and associated groups to implement educational programs on topics including managing student debt and preventing sexual violence and substance abuse. EverFi also conducts school climate surveys and helps train staff and faculty in regulatory compliance.

The #1 online and mobile fundraising platform

Classy is a technology company that helps organizations mobilize their community to solve social problems more effectively and efficiently. Since launching in 2011, Classy has helped more than 2,500 social enterprises including Oxfam, The World Food Programme and National Geographic to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Classy also hosts the Collaborative and Classy Awards to recognize excellence in social innovation.

Moves people to remake the world

Purpose is a strategy consultancy, a creative agency and a social movement incubator. Driven by people, enabled by technology: Purpose builds movements and new power models to tackle the world’s biggest problems. It creates and launches its own ventures, collaborates with the world’s leading organizations and develops technology, tools and content that move millions to remake the world. Purpose is a Public Benefit Corporation.

Use your professional skills to make a difference

Catchafire is a community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient and effective ways to give back. One way we do this is by matching professionals with nonprofits based on their skills, cause interest and time availability.