Expanding access to mobile on-demand micro-tutoring

Toot was founded with the mission of empowering a community that connects knowledge with curiosity. The company’s flagship mobile application connects students with quality tutors for face-to-face, in-person tutoring. With the tap of a button, students in need of help are instantly connected to the nearest available tutors on demand.

Creating an online learning platform that teaches job-critical software skills through interactive project-based learning and real-world simulations

Pathstream is a web-based platform for teaching in-demand software skills. Pathstream allows students to immediately access pre-configured, project-based instruction, realistic workplace simulations, and on-demand coaching. The company also facilitates the integration of this software-based instruction into relevant higher education curriculum, ensuring students graduate with the right combination of foundational theory and practical skills, dully certified by the university and the software platform.

Revolutionizing access to 360° VR learning experiences

Wonda VR is a professional authoring solution for VR and 360 video learning experiences. Wonda allows users to easily create and share interactive experiences on websites and VR devices. Educators use Wonda to create role play games, interactive field trips and other experiential lessons that leverage VR to engage students and help improve understanding.

Preparing students for career and life after graduation through experiential and high-impact learning opportunities

Student Opportunity Center is preparing students for career and life after graduation through experiential and high-impact learning opportunities.

Empowering English learners through “accent tuning” for great understanding, confidence, and communication

Second Accent is empowering English learners through “accent tuning” for great understanding, confidence, and communication.

Helping companies reduce compliance risks through on-demand expert-led professional learning

Plianced is helping companies reduce compliance risks through on-demand expert-led professional learning.

Helping hospitals educate, engage and monitor patients in varying stages of care using automated text messaging

Helping hospitals educate, engage and monitor patients in varying stages of care using automated text messaging.

Providing a 3D modeling platform where girls can learn engineering through online videos taught by other girls around the world

KiraKira is providing a 3D modeling platform where girls can learn engineering through online videos taught by other girls around the world.

Teaching financial literacy to young adults through a personalized financial planning tool and one-on-one coaching with a financial planner

Invibed is teaching financial literacy to young adults through a personalized financial planning tool and one-on-one coaching with a financial planner.

Developing an early childhood platform for kindergarten readiness

Cognitive ToyBox is developing an early childhood platform for kindergarten readiness.

Creating greater price and value transparency in higher education

Edmit‘s mission is to make the current college enrollment process cheaper (for students) and more cost effective ( for colleges) by engaging students and schools in price-discovery conversations. Edmit wants to help the school and the student to make a better informed decision about each other and in doing so, convert wasted marketing dollars to benefit students by lowering tuition, which will in turn increase the enrollment and yield.

Conversational AI for college success

AdmitHub is strengthening the connection between students and educations with its unique communications platform.With the benefit of AdmitHub-powered conversations, students receive on-demand support while educators are freed to focus on the situations and challenges that most need their expert attention.

Leveraging employee benefit plans to gain access to education

Guild Education is a lifelong learning platform that provides access to post-secondary institutions through employee benefit plans.

Partnering with colleges to provide a virtual learning center for students, including a range of interventions that help students to stay on track

Upswing offers a suite of services, from online tutoring and academic advising to student mentorship, that is designed to reduce attrition and improve student success. Upswing’s AdviseUp solution connects university advisors with students to schedule and complete virtual advising sessions. TutorUp helps students excel academically by connecting them with campus tutors or Upswing’s network of coaches. AskUp brings students and tutors online in the Virtual Learning Center, allowing for asynchronous tutoring. Upswing’s administrator data dashboard provides real-time data and analysis to track student outcomes and program success.

Real-time formative assessment and student response system for digital classrooms

Formative enables teachers to build live formative assessments through its online platform and monitor in real-time as students respond from their own devices. The user interface automatically displays student work as it happens, providing teachers with rapid feedback which can be used to tailor lessons and make interventions where needed. Additionally, Formative enables school administrators to see all standards-based student performance at any moment in time.

Helping students to learn 3D design skills in an engaging way using AR and VR

3D Bear’s mission is to help students learn 21st century skills through immersive learning experiences. They do this by providing makerspaces within schools and libraries with contemporary content and game-like software to teach the fundamentals of 3D modelling, 3D printing, and robotics and they use virtual and augmented reality to make this an immersive learning experience.

Powering a network of in-home daycare and preschools

Woderschool‘s mission is to ensure that every child has access to a home away from home that helps them realize their full potential.

The company works with experienced educators and childcare providers to help them start their own childcares or preschools out of their homes, whether they live in apartments, condos, or homes that they rent or own.

Wonderschool provides assistance with licensing, program setup, marketing and everything in between. The company’s software platform allows teachers to manage their students, parents, and their program from one dashboard. Along with this, Wonderschool has built a marketplace for parents to search Wonderschool programs, schedule visits, enroll their children, and make payments.

Enterprise training program translating important work knowledge into Lessons that accelerate productivity

Lessonly, is an enterprise learning software company that helps companies capture and distribute institutional knowledge across an organization. The software helps organizations decrease new resource ramp time, develop core job skills, and drive collaboration utilizing solutions that use practice, repetition and feedback to support learning.

Enabling teachers and education professionals to create smart, flexible master schedules

Abl is the first Dynamic School Scheduling platform that makes it easy to design and manage the daily life of a school. Abl is building a new kind of school operations software that helps school leaders better manage their time and resources. Their mission is to transform education by helping schools create flexible, transparent, and collaborative learning environments.

Reimagining higher education for the tech sector

Kenzie Academy is a tech apprenticeship and coding school in Indianapolis focused on project-based education, mentorship, and job placement. Kenzie offers 6-month to 2-year programs with a paid apprenticeship after 6 months. The company was founded by tech entrepreneurs with years of experience developing and cultivating talent for startups and major tech companies.

Helping K-12 school districts to address truancy through effective interventions

AllHere partners with districts and schools to help increase attendance through implementation of a truancy intervention management platform. Specifically, the platform enables effective management of parent engagement interventions (i.e. home visits ) as a way to reduce chronic absenteeism. AllHere enables schools to filter and view chronic absence data at the district, grade, and school levels to identify at-risk students and automates reports to share updates about the intervention program’s progress and effectiveness.

A Continuing Education Program Manager (CEPM) for the world’s leading universities

Trilogy Education Services creates and manages market-driven, skills-based training programs for the world’s leading universities. Powered by big dreams and small egos, Trilogy is re-imagining how skills-based learning can change the face of education. Trilogy works with experienced instructors, innovative employers, and top universities to create coding boot camps that prepare highly-motivated students for high-growth careers. The Company has successfully graduated hundreds of students to-date.

Providing high-quality online training and credentialing for in-home caregivers

CareAcademy provides high-quality online mobile training and credentialing for home care assistants and family members that care for older people. CareAcademy training covers topics ranging from transporting older adults to communicating with older adults and understanding clients’ rights. CareAcademy not only educates caregivers but also helps them earn recognition for their skills and stand out in the job market.

Software that helps districts connect their budgetary spending to student outcomes

Allovue is a software company that works with K-12 administration to refine spending behavior, by providing principals and other decision makers with insight into market trends and budgetary planning. The Allovue platform, Balance, streamlines budgets, vendor transactions, general ledger balances, and other disparate accounting data into a single dashboard. Users can quickly review balances and transactions, analyze trends, forecast spending, and create reports. Allovue has developed an importer that extracts and configures data from any custom chart of accounts.

Virtual assistant for independent educations and tutors

Clark‘s platform provides tutors with all of the functionality needed to efficiently run their business. Clark allows tutors and independent educators to easily schedule sessions, manage payments, and communicate with their clients. Parents can use Clark to track their child’s progress and take an active role in their education outside of the classroom, all while simplifying business management and logistics for tutors.

Refining real-world skills through short online courses for those in the creative and digital industry

Crehana is a project-based learning community where Spanish-speaking freelancers in creative, design, and digital industries refine real-world skills through short online courses designed by global industry experts. Crehana offers more than 500 courses that teach over 75,000 techniques across different software platforms. Each course requires participants to build a personal project that helps them to expand their professional portfolio of work.

Striving to restructure the nature of incarceration through modern digital tools needed to personalize the treatment, education, and rehabilitation of the incarcerated.

American Prison Data Systems is a Public-benefit Corporation (PBC) and Certified B Corp, providing digital content and services to inmates in correctional facilities across the United States. APDS aims to improve the quality of life and productivity for inmates and reduce the likelihood of recidivism upon release. The Company securely intermediates between prisoners and the outside world by providing a proprietary hardware and customized software and data-management solution for screening and delivering educational and rehabilitative content and programming to prison inmates.

Helping students master academic content and boil core literacy skills

Flocabulary is a web-based learning program for all grades and subjects that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement. Teachers in more than 50,000 schools have used Flocabulary’s standards-based videos, instructional activities and formative assessments to develop core literacy skills and supplement instruction across the curriculum.

Teaching the critical skills that life and work demand

EverFi is the leading education technology platform for teaching, assessing, and certifying students in critical social wellness and life skills. EverFi is building an entirely new framework to finance and deliver content, technology, and innovation into schools. The Company boasts an integrated network of thousands of schools across the country that incorporate its learning platform into their curriculum each year. In the K-12 sector, the Company teams with major corporations and foundations to provide the programs at no cost to the school, and is adding over 200 new schools and colleges per month onto the platform. Within higher education, the Company works with schools and associated groups to implement educational programs on topics including managing student debt and preventing sexual violence and substance abuse. EverFi also conducts school climate surveys and helps train staff and faculty in regulatory compliance.

Preparing students for entry-level sales roles at tech companies through virtual training and mentorship

SV Academy is a 12-week virtual training program combined with one year of mentorship that prepares students for entry-level jobs in business development at fast-growing tech companies. Designed in collaboration with employers, SVAcademy’s training program is geared towards ensuring students graduate job-ready and prepared with the skills needed in an evolving market. Fellows receive a 100% scholarship to attend the virtual training program, expanding access to tech job opportunities to all.

A micro-learning platform designed to help employees retain information needed to perform well on the job

Hickory draws upon cognitive psychology with its proprietary training software that predicts when employees are likely to forget their training. Users upload their specific training content to Hickory, or are assisted by Hickory’s PhD-led Instructional Design team. Employees receive new lessons via email, SMS, or desktop notifications and can complete their training from any browser or device. Hickory predicts what employees are likely to forget, and follows up with personalized retraining to ensure that employees internalize the training material. Hickory’s data platform allows users to measure the impact of its training program on key business metrics and track employee retention.

Building businesses transforming higher education.
Bringing coding to your students through the most engaging curriculum & learning environment

Vidcode is an award-winning software that teaches students computer programming through their favorite hobby: video-making.  Project-oriented lessons allow students to create memes, video filters, interactive games, virtual reality and beyond with real programming languages.

Providing transparency and accountability to the emerging marketplace of coding bootcamp providers.

Course Report is an online guide for the search and discovery of web development boot camps. The site provides a host of data points and student reviews to help a prospective coder find the best school for their needs and desired outcomes. Course Report is also a leading research consultant on the growing trends across the coding educational landscape.

A business intelligence platform for K-12 school and district operations.

BrightBytes combines evidence-based research frameworks with data analysis to give schools and districts the tools to understand and quickly improve student learning outcomes. BrightBytes’ solutions are designed to address the unique needs of educational leaders. The Company’s platform, Clarity for Schools, sits underneath a suite of proprietary modules that are offered based on a customer’s specific needs. The first module, CASE, measures the impact of technology use on student learning outcomes by identifying strengths and gaps, writing detailed planning documents, and delivering the tools needed to take action.  BrightBytes also offers modules for dropout prevention and data integration.

Building an ultra low cost private school chain to bring high quality education to the world's poorest populations.

Bridge International Academies is building a chain of ultra low cost private schools that deliver primary education to the world’s poorest, most academically underserved populations. Bridge uses a data-driven Academy-in-a-Box™ model to scale its reach with efficiency. From preliminary market research on real estate acquisition and construction, to the recruitment and training of local staff and communities, to the creation, distribution, and analysis of curriculum and pedagogy, to payment management and site monitoring, Bridge operates a vertically-oriented deployment of its academies and maintains central ownership of the entire process.  Initial markets include Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and India.  Bridge also works with governments such as Liberia to operate a charter model at the country level.

Making K-12 learning visible

Hapara‘s tools facilitate student-driven, project-based learning.  Hapara is an education management platform layered on top of the education tool suites of Google and Microsoft. Hapara’s tools address critical regulatory and performance mandates confronting schools and districts world-wide. Google’s G Suite for Education is used by tens of millions of students and teachers across the globe. Hapara transforms G Suite into a powerful learning and analytics environment, while simultaneously reclaiming teaching time and cutting software costs.

Finding, organizing, and managing educational content and analyzing efficacy and student engagement

Formerly known as Ace Learning Co., the Intellus Learning platform includes two key components: 1) a powerful AI-based curation engine that that helps find and manage content, and 2) learning analytics software that tracks the efficacy of particular content items.  With this functionality, Intellus Learning helps to identify the right content to enable personalized, affordable learning.  Intellus allows publishers, instructional designers, professors, and students to discover and curate content, integrate that content into courses, and track the learning and engagement of users of that content.

A student success intelligence platform for colleges and universities.

Civitas Learning is a student success intelligence platform that uses predictive analytics to help guide educational decision making. Civitas works with partner institutions – and also, more specifically, with the data those partner institutions have gathered about their students – to identify trends about the classes students enroll in, the majors they take on, and other factors that can determine career courses and overall success in their post-collegiate lives. The Company is creating a learning community to bring predictive analytics to Higher Education by leveraging cross-institutional historical data. Civitas delivers actionable insights to drive smarter decisions that help institutions and faculty more effectively deploy scarce resources and students more successfully navigate their complex path to graduation.

Help English language learners realize their highest aspirations

Ellevation is a software company dedicated to serving English Language Learners (“ELLs”) and the educators and administrators who work with them. The Company seeks to become the leading platform that school districts use to manage ESL programs, support ESL educators, and close the achievement gap for ELLs, the fastest-growing (and generally regarded as most deeply under served) group of students in the US K-12 school system. The current platform, ESL Reps, is an administrative and data management software tool that helps ELL coordinators and teachers capture an array of data specifically related to English Language Learners. Along with housing a range of student information, ESL Reps enables the convenient generation of reports that enhance communication among ELL and classroom teachers, automatically captures information in the format that satisfies state and federal officials, and more.

Provides continuing medical education to practicing physicians

Knowledge 2 Practice deploys advanced learning techniques using digital technology to help clinical leaders design and deliver a personalized curriculum that measurably improves clinical judgment, critical thinking, and patient care. The company is transforming how expertise is shared and learned among clinicians around the world.

A lifelong learning platform built for today's workers.

Degreed‘s lifelong learning platform aggregates the best available content, maps learning to the evolving needs of the employee and company, and measures all forms of formal and informal training. Degreed provides corporations with hosting, distribution, tracking, and payment of formal and informal learning activities. Degreed provides employees with an online, updateable repository for tracking all of their learning.  The company has now more directly entered the credentialing space by offering skills verification.

Next generation operating system that turns any computer into a Chromebook.

Neverware is a developer of lightweight desktop operating systems. Its flagship product, CloudReady, enables schools and enterprise organizations to cost effectively transform their existing hardware into simple, secure, and fast machines that can be managed right alongside Chromebooks.

Technology company providing cloud-based treatment tools, training and support for learners with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

Rethink‘s mission is to place evidence-based treatment solutions in the hands of every educator, clinician or parent working with a child with special needs.  Rethink combines the power of technology and research to deliver innovative, scalable and evidence-based instructional materials and supports for learners with disabilities. The comprehensive suite of tools ensures that every student develops the academic, behavioral and social/emotional skills they need to succeed in school, at work and in life. Rethink’s platform and data-tracking system guides educators, care-givers, and family members as the learner progresses through the curriculum. Rethink’s curriculum is based on the educational intervention of applied behavior analysis.

Connect the right learning resources to the right students at the right time

Engrade (now part of McGraw-Hill Education) offers a web-based suite of learning and student management applications. Engrade connects school administrators, teachers, students, and parents through online classroom tools that fall into four general categories: content management, gradebook, communication, and classroom management.  McGraw Hill Education now uses the Engrade platform as the primary vehicle for the delivery of its digital content for both K-12 and higher education.

Blended Learning Solutions for the K-12 Market place.

Education Elements works with districts to build and support dynamic school systems that meet the needs of every learner, today and tomorrow. Through providing consulting services around personalized learning, competency-based learning, curriculum adoption, OER and strategic planning, Ed Elements supports districts in solving their biggest challenges. They take the time to understand the unique issues district leaders face, and then customize the Education Elements approach for each district.  For each project, Ed Elements employs Touchpoint, a customized online tool that provides one single source of all the information, resources and timelines districts need to manage the many moving parts of big system-wide change. Ed Elements has worked with hundreds of districts across the country and brings deep expertise, design thinking, expert facilitation and the spirit of collaboration, along with their extensive toolkit of resources and technology, to deliver sustainable results.

Partnering with top colleges and universities to bring their degree programs and courses online.

2U provides bundled technology platforms and technology-enabled services that empower leading colleges and universities to deliver high quality online degree programs and courses, extending their reach and distinguishing their brands. Its proprietary, cloud-based technology stack enables a full range of university functions, including providing a full-service virtual campus that acts as the hub for all student and faculty academic and social interaction. 2U also provides a suite of technology-enabled services that support the complete life cycle of a higher education program or course, from attracting students to assisting academic performance to maintaining alumni relationships.

Provides student loans in to  high-achieving, low-income students lacking access to traditional credit sources.

Sixup focuses on high-achieving, low-income students who gain admission to great four-year colleges, but can’t afford to go.  The company partners with nonprofit and government organizations, and leverages investors and foundations to deliver a comprehensive funding solution focused on college access, college success and creating clear pathways to meaningful jobs and careers.

MissionU offers a one-year program that gives students the skills and experience needed to launch a successful career.  

MissionU‘s one-year program provides students with a deep dive into disciplines in high demand by employers, such as data analytics and business intelligence, while also teaching work skills like collaboration and critical thinking.

Bringing transparency, speed,  control and savings to the procurement process in districts, public and charter schools.

Noodle Markets is K-12’s first digital procurement platform and national marketplace. The company has brought together savvy education leaders to build a marketplace that revolutionizes K-12 purchasing. Noodle Markets provides increased transparency for educators, a level playing field for vendors, and efficient procurement processes.  The Noodle Markets solution provides greater opportunities for competitive pricing, while insuring compliance with federal and state regulations.

Developing labor market data technologies for matching people with jobs

Burning Glass enables real-time enhanced decision making for recruiting, staffing, academic planning, and workforce planning agencies by examining career patterns, skills, relevant experiences and supply-demand dynamics across millions of jobs. Today, there is an information gap in the labor markets – there is no common language. Companies and job seekers describe roles differently, even for fundamentally similar jobs – making relevant comparisons is difficult. Burning Glass’s solution is a proprietary technology that scans, tags, and translates millions of job postings and resumes, then creates a common language to better match desired skills with employees in the labor market and develop a cohesive picture of the markets’ needs.

Global education provider that applies the science of learning to create innovative solutions to improve education outcomes around the world

McGraw-Hill Education is a global leader in the development of digital content and technology-enabled adaptive learning solutions. The company provides outcome-focused learning solutions through curated content and digital learning tools and platforms to the students in the classrooms of approximately 250,000 higher education instructors, 13,000 pre-kindergarten through 12th grade school districts and a wide variety of academic institutions, professionals and companies. The company distributes products in 140 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, Latin America and the Middle East.  McGraw-Hill is a private company acquired by Apollo Global Management in 2012.

Patented digital learning platform creating highly engaging and effective personalized English courses at scale using leveled content from everyday media sources.

Through mobile and web-based educational program, Voxy gives English language learners access to content and multimedia relevant to their lives and goals, creating an experience that leverages technology to closely replicate full cultural immersion. Through dynamic content, personalized lesson plans tied to individual goals, task-based activities, and skill assessments, the Voxy platform shepherds learners through a series of customized curricula to help fine-tune their language skills at a pace and in a location that is comfortable for them.

Where thinkers become creators in the new economy

General Assembly seeks to deliver best-in-class, practical education in technology, business, and design, and functions similar to an a-la-carte, business school 2.0. with an intense focus on skills that are driving today’s mobile, app-based economy. Through its stable of course offerings, General Assembly provides access to opportunities that both train and enhance a prospective employee’s skills and confidence, as well as enhancing an individual’s freedom to explore differentiated career paths. The Company is building a global network of entrepreneurs, practitioners, and participants invested in each others’ success.

Improving K-12 students' grammar by personalizing content to engage each student

NoRedInk is a web-based learning platform used for teaching grammar, usage, mechanics and style to students in 4th through 12th grade. Teachers can assign a variety of diagnostic and instructional materials to their students through NoRedInk. Students may also choose to work through the hundreds of activities in NoRedInk’s online independently. The platform adapts to each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, and the portal displays color-coded heat maps to help students and teachers track progress. The majority of NoRedInk’s offerings are free to users, however the company does offer access to upgraded features through a paid subscription to NoRedInk Premium.

Offering affordable, self-paced, high quality online gen-ed courses for college credit

StraighterLine offers affordable, self-paced introductory-level college courses through a web-based delivery platform, allowing its students to shape their education around their schedule. Students pay $99 per month for access to StraighterLine’s platform, and then pay $39 per individual course. The Company offers nearly 40 online courses in the fields of Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, and Business. Once they have completed and passed courses on StraighterLine, students can then transfer into one of the 100+ partner schools which recognize StraighterLine course credits.

Collecting, tracking and showcasing achievements through a digital portfolio to enable continued success.

Pathbrite delivers next-generation solutions that help students, schools, and businesses collect, track, and showcase achievement through e-portfolios, and recommend pathways for continuous success. They do this by documenting, analyzing, and mapping individual achievements against individuals’ and institutions’ goals, and those of their peers, through what is known as Knowledge Graph.

Online training focused on skill development in software, IT administration and web security

Through a subscription model, Pluralsight provides direct online training for corporations, schools, and business professionals using long-form courses focused on such skills as software development, IT administration, and web security.