Rethink is an umbrella platform that oversees and facilitates the development of a suite of impact investment vehicles that focus on financial and social returns that include gender equity, education, health, environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and community development.
Localized unlocks educated talent for global companies.
Preparing students for career and life after graduation through experiential and high-impact learning opportunities
Empowering English learners through “accent tuning” for great understanding, confidence, and communication
Helping hospitals educate, engage and monitor patients in varying stages of care using automated text messaging
Providing a 3D modeling platform where girls can learn engineering through online videos taught by other girls around the world
Teaching financial literacy to young adults through a personalized financial planning tool and one-on-one coaching with a financial planner
Helping companies reduce compliance risks through on-demand expert-led professional learning
Developing an early childhood platform for kindergarten readiness