Expanding access to mobile on-demand micro-tutoring

Toot was founded with the mission of empowering a community that connects knowledge with curiosity. The company’s flagship mobile application connects students with quality tutors for face-to-face, in-person tutoring. With the tap of a button, students in need of help are instantly connected to the nearest available tutors on demand.

Creating an online learning platform that teaches job-critical software skills through interactive project-based learning and real-world simulations

Pathstream is a web-based platform for teaching in-demand software skills. Pathstream allows students to immediately access pre-configured, project-based instruction, realistic workplace simulations, and on-demand coaching. The company also facilitates the integration of this software-based instruction into relevant higher education curriculum, ensuring students graduate with the right combination of foundational theory and practical skills, dully certified by the university and the software platform.

Revolutionizing access to 360° VR learning experiences

Wonda VR is a professional authoring solution for VR and 360 video learning experiences. Wonda allows users to easily create and share interactive experiences on websites and VR devices. Educators use Wonda to create role play games, interactive field trips and other experiential lessons that leverage VR to engage students and help improve understanding.

Helping higher ed institutions to improve retention and graduation rates through tech-enabled mentorship programs

Mentor Collective (formerly Shearwater) was founded with the mission bringing transformative mentoring experiences to all college students, regardless of background or means. The company partners with a collective of institutions to design, implement, and scale tech-enabled mentorship programs that significantly improve student outcomes.

Creating greater price and value transparency in higher education

Edmit‘s mission is to make the current college enrollment process cheaper (for students) and more cost effective ( for colleges) by engaging students and schools in price-discovery conversations. Edmit wants to help the school and the student to make a better informed decision about each other and in doing so, convert wasted marketing dollars to benefit students by lowering tuition, which will in turn increase the enrollment and yield.

Partnering with colleges to provide a virtual learning center for students, including a range of interventions that help students to stay on track

Upswing offers a suite of services, from online tutoring and academic advising to student mentorship, that is designed to reduce attrition and improve student success. Upswing’s AdviseUp solution connects university advisors with students to schedule and complete virtual advising sessions. TutorUp helps students excel academically by connecting them with campus tutors or Upswing’s network of coaches. AskUp brings students and tutors online in the Virtual Learning Center, allowing for asynchronous tutoring. Upswing’s administrator data dashboard provides real-time data and analysis to track student outcomes and program success.

Real-time formative assessment and student response system for digital classrooms

Formative enables teachers to build live formative assessments through its online platform and monitor in real-time as students respond from their own devices. The user interface automatically displays student work as it happens, providing teachers with rapid feedback which can be used to tailor lessons and make interventions where needed. Additionally, Formative enables school administrators to see all standards-based student performance at any moment in time.

Helping students to learn 3D design skills in an engaging way using AR and VR

3D Bear’s mission is to help students learn 21st century skills through immersive learning experiences. They do this by providing makerspaces within schools and libraries with contemporary content and game-like software to teach the fundamentals of 3D modelling, 3D printing, and robotics and they use virtual and augmented reality to make this an immersive learning experience.

Reimagining higher education for the tech sector

Kenzie Academy is a tech apprenticeship and coding school in Indianapolis focused on project-based education, mentorship, and job placement. Kenzie offers 6-month to 2-year programs with a paid apprenticeship after 6 months. The company was founded by tech entrepreneurs with years of experience developing and cultivating talent for startups and major tech companies.

Helping K-12 school districts to address truancy through effective interventions

AllHere partners with districts and schools to help increase attendance through implementation of a truancy intervention management platform. Specifically, the platform enables effective management of parent engagement interventions (i.e. home visits ) as a way to reduce chronic absenteeism. AllHere enables schools to filter and view chronic absence data at the district, grade, and school levels to identify at-risk students and automates reports to share updates about the intervention program’s progress and effectiveness.

Providing high-quality online training and credentialing for in-home caregivers

CareAcademy provides high-quality online mobile training and credentialing for home care assistants and family members that care for older people. CareAcademy training covers topics ranging from transporting older adults to communicating with older adults and understanding clients’ rights. CareAcademy not only educates caregivers but also helps them earn recognition for their skills and stand out in the job market.

Virtual assistant for independent educations and tutors

Clark‘s platform provides tutors with all of the functionality needed to efficiently run their business. Clark allows tutors and independent educators to easily schedule sessions, manage payments, and communicate with their clients. Parents can use Clark to track their child’s progress and take an active role in their education outside of the classroom, all while simplifying business management and logistics for tutors.

Refining real-world skills through short online courses for those in the creative and digital industry

Crehana is a project-based learning community where Spanish-speaking freelancers in creative, design, and digital industries refine real-world skills through short online courses designed by global industry experts. Crehana offers more than 500 courses that teach over 75,000 techniques across different software platforms. Each course requires participants to build a personal project that helps them to expand their professional portfolio of work.

Preparing students for entry-level sales roles at tech companies through virtual training and mentorship

SV Academy is a 12-week virtual training program combined with one year of mentorship that prepares students for entry-level jobs in business development at fast-growing tech companies. Designed in collaboration with employers, SVAcademy’s training program is geared towards ensuring students graduate job-ready and prepared with the skills needed in an evolving market. Fellows receive a 100% scholarship to attend the virtual training program, expanding access to tech job opportunities to all.

A micro-learning platform designed to help employees retain information needed to perform well on the job

Hickory draws upon cognitive psychology with its proprietary training software that predicts when employees are likely to forget their training. Users upload their specific training content to Hickory, or are assisted by Hickory’s PhD-led Instructional Design team. Employees receive new lessons via email, SMS, or desktop notifications and can complete their training from any browser or device. Hickory predicts what employees are likely to forget, and follows up with personalized retraining to ensure that employees internalize the training material. Hickory’s data platform allows users to measure the impact of its training program on key business metrics and track employee retention.